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Robin Garr Quoted Wikipedia, But Only Credited it as 'the Intertubes'

Robin Garr thinks Brix Wine Bar merits an 82 rating (right on The Chipotle Line). He also apparently thinks it's ok for his LEO Weekly review to quote an entire paragraph from Wikipedia, but only credit the source as "the Intertubes." Any journalism teacher would rate that move a 0. Of course, no one reads Garr for a primer on good writing practices. We read him to fuel a cheap and easy take down that so many readers tell us they enjoy for his culinary insight:

The restaurant's entrance is not where you'd expect — rattle the front door and you'll find it locked, with diners at nearby tables looking out at you. [LEO Weekly]

Never mind. Cheap and easy page views it is.

Last week, the Louisville Courier-Journal's Marty Rosen drizzled three stars out of four ("very good") on Cumberland Brews. Back in 2008, Rosen also blessed the Bardstown Road brew pub with three stars. While Cumberland Brews has maintained the same quality, you can be the judge of whether Rosen's reviewing has improved or not.

Rosen in 2008:

A grilled chicken salad ($8.95) was a circular composition. The circumference consisted of thin, crisp, tart apple slices; the center was filled in with fresh greens, pine nuts, judicious crumbles of blue cheese, and a perky vinaigrette that many upscale restaurants would be wise to emulate: a simple, zesty, prudent dressing that served to accent rather than dominate the other ingredients. [Louisville Courier-Journal]

Rosen in 2013:

I've never eaten a meal at Cumberland Brews that didn't tingle my palate. Sometimes it's the red heat of the Buffalo chicken sandwich with oodles of crumbled blue cheese ($11.25); other times it's the guacamole and habanero salsa with fresh tortilla chips ($7.95). Salads get plenty of attention, from the Cumberland Pub Salad ($5.25), big enough for sharing, to a more elaborate dinner salad ($11.95) with greens, grilled chicken, sliced almonds and crisp, tart slices of green apple. Cumberland cognoscenti know there's a complex schedule of discount offerings. [Louisville Courier-Journal]
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[Photo: Courtesy Facebook/Brix]

Cumberland Brewery

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Brix Wine Bar

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