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There's Only One Pending Lawsuit Against Lynn's Paradise Cafe and it's from 2010

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Mention the shuttered Lynn's Paradise Cafe and invariably commenters mention the restaurant being faced with several pending lawsuits (most recently here and here).

Not true.

The only lawsuit currently pending against Lynn's Paradise Cafe in the Jefferson Circuit Court is a claim of sexual harassment from 2010, according to a representative from the clerk's office. (In that case's most recent development, a file memorandum dated Aug. 7 says that the "parties shall mediate the case within 120 days" and "if unsuccessful parties shall file a motion for JT [judgement].")

Of course that doesn't mean that additional lawsuits aren't possible. But for right now, nothing has been filed in Jefferson County Court regarding the restaurant's tip-out policy and abrupt close in January.

To recap that story yet again: On Jan. 2, 2013, Lynn's started requiring all food servers to carry $100 cash for each shift to tip out support staff, a possible violation of Kentucky law. At least one waitress, Leila DiFazio, claimed she was fired for failing to do so. DiFazio then shared her story on WLKY's Facebook Fan Page. On Jan. 11, Kentucky Jobs With Justice: A Campaign for Worker's Rights started an awareness campaign about Lynn's practices, that drew the attention of WAVE 3, which aired segments about the dispute on its 6 and 11 p.m. newscasts. Later that day, owner Lynn Winter shuttered the 22-year-old restaurant.

It wasn't until earlier this week, however, that Winter divulged her reason for closing the establishment: she had shingles.

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