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Christopher's Owner Found Guilty of Forcible Detainer; Restaurant Has 7 Days to Vacate

Yesterday Christopher Harris, doing business as Harris Dining Group, was found "guilty of forcible detainer" for failing to pay $6,641.66 in rent and utilities for the shuttered Christopher's at Mid-City Mall. Jefferson District Court judge Ann Bailey Smith ordered that the plaintiff, Bardstown Road Investment Company, have restitution of the premises at 1250 Bardstown Road and its "cost expended herein" recovered.

Harris now has seven days to vacate the property or appeal. After that time the landlord can apply for a warrant for possession according to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. If a judge signs off on that warrant, the sheriff and landlord then will agreed on a date to put the tenant's property outside the building.

Download a .pdf of yesterday's judgement or view images of it at the end of this article.

Christopher's was served an eviction notice on Aug. 23, accused of owing $6,641.66 for non-payment of rent and utilities for June through August 2013, according to the petition for & writ of forcible entry & detainer, which was posted on the restaurant's door.

Harris was not in court yesterday, but rather was represented by his attorney, Deborah O. King. Christopher's was at the former home of the City Cafe.

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[Photo: Courtesy Jefferson District Court]