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Hyperventilating Over BLU 'Homegrown' Brunch; 'Cool' Cactus At El Molcajete

[Photo via Facebook]

Going over the top for Chef Graham Weber's BLU Italian Grille brunch, Igor Guryashkin says the place "can humbly claim to rustling up a majestic … swathe of delectables." This "swathe" includes something called the "Homegrown Table," featuring local and regional produce and goods, deemed by Guryashkin as the buffet's "unquestionable crowning glory." Guryashkin exults over "hydroponically grown greens … still alive from the experienced growers' hands," the "scintillatingly fresh and crisp taste" of yogurt and granola and "an even more unorthodox offering," chocolate covered bacon. Local doesn't get all the love, however, as Guryashkin finds more superlatives for oatmeal ("textured-yet-velvety consistency"), an omelette station ("plethora of options") and a "brunch Hot Brown" ("perfect marriage between one of Louisville's favored culinary treasures and Eggs Benedict") that possibly feature ingredients from farther away. [Voice-Tribune]

Three salsas, two tacos and one "quart-sized Tecate" are enough for Kevin Gibson to crown El Molcajete his "new go-to for authentic Mexican." Spotting "something on the menu called the Molcajeteada," Gibson sees the word "cactus" and doesn't order, but seems to believe being in the mere presence of nopales is "pretty cool." Saying El Molcajete is "not what most people think of when they think of a Mexican restaurant" and "is more than just a taqueria," Gibson bolsters his two-"Mexican style"-taco impression with doses of "unique" salsa ("brown, thin … had a distinct flavor of roasted peppers of some kind") sighting a cooler "stocked with Mexican sodas and beer," and noting the menu includes tacos and also tortas. (Thus making it "more than a taqueria.") Gibson does say the tacos "were, well, fantastic," and enjoys yet another salsa ("dark, spicy … so good I poured it on some chips") before agreeing with a "Yelp user" that El Molcajete is "far superior to popular Mexican restaurant Santa Fe." [Insider Louisville]
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