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'Not In Louisville' Restaurants Looking To Occupy Cake Flour Space, Says Landlord.

Cake Flour "left abruptly" from its newly expanded Nulu location according to property owner Tom Payette, who also told Eater he is "actively working with two established restaurants that are not in Louisville" on restarting a food business at the site of the former bakery. Payette said he "received a letter" from Claudia DeLatorre informing him of her departure, but "prior to and since she has left I have had no conversations with her." Payette emphasized that "there's no rancor" between himself and DeLatorre, saying "she's the best baker in town, probably … she's a good person, she's got lots of ability, this just didn't work out." Payette is "hopeful something will come together soon" for the 4200-square-foot space zoned for beer, wine and liquor sales, saying "I'm moving on, and we'll see what the next thing is."

Reached by phone, DeLatorre told Eater in a brief conversation that she plans to reopen Cake Flour at another location "hopefully sometime in February," adding "we're just moving on, that's really it."
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Cake Flour on Market

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