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The Joy Luck 'Not Formally Open,' Still Manages to Snag a 5-Star Yelp Review

The Joy Luck restaurant has "not formally opened yet," according to Pauline Lin, mother of restaurant owner Alvin Lin. Ms. Lin did not venture to give a date for the restaurant's official opening. However, The Joy Luck's "Far East Faire" and "Craft Cocktails" earned a rave review from lonelyhearts Yelper "Amy S.," who "fell in love" with the restaurant on Valentine's Day, which she wrote is "Quite possibly the worSt day of days, for those us who live our lives in Singleville." Amy's 5-star rating came after packing the empty, partner-less place inside her with The Joy Luck's Walnut Shrimp, which she found "absolutely DEVINE!," and also "Fried Cheesecake." The as-yet-to-officially open restaurant's menu also has other kinds of "Faire" including a kimchi quesadilla, Ma Po Tofu and a "Bandit Plate" kids' menu featuring "your own plate and cutlery - Steal from your parent's plates!"
· The Joy Luck [Official Site]


The Joy Luck

1285 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40204