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Week In Reviews

In LEO, Collette Henderson takes a swipe at the South End, casting the area's array of "international dining" as a surprise even to those who have "ventured to Vietnam Kitchen". Henderson offers mini-opinions on a slew of South End restaurants, from La Popular's Honduran dishes ("each bite ignites more salivation") to Thuy Van's Vietnamese ("best pho I've ever tasted"). Also briefly mentioned are El Molcajete, Belia's Café, Restaurant Salvadoreño, Little Jerusalem Cafe, Kalasimbi Bar and Grill Club, DaLat's Gateaux and Café and Gold Grain Bakery. [LEO Weekly]

Vietnam Kitchen

5339 Mitscher Avenue, Louisville, KY 40214 502-363-5154 Visit Website

Little Jerusalem Cafe

5312 S 3rd Street, Louisville, KY 40214 502-614-6465