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What Are Louisville's Most Iconic Pizzerias?

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Next week, March 17 through March 21, is officially Eater Pizza Week. (Yes, we realize some sons of Erin will be eating corned beef and cabbage "pizza" on Monday, but whatever.) To further deepen our week-long plunge into cheesy, saucy, doughy goodness, Eater is asking readers to submit some pizza-related suggestions. (Over the next few days, look out for other open thread pizza questions.) On this thread we're looking for ideas on Louisville's most iconic pizzerias.

At the moment we're not looking to debate the merits of Chicago, New York, Philly, Detroit or Louisville-style pies—we're just looking for the pizza parlors deemed to be Louisville institutions. Meaning, we'd like names of the places who have been serving pizza for more than a year and have amassed a dedicated local following in that time. Leave your nomination in the comments, or shoot us a message to share your suggestions. And of course, check back during Pizza Week 2014 to see what places made the map.