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NABC's Roger Baylor Opines on 5 Years In

"The toasts must wait until the 11th," says New Albanian Brewing Company owner Roger Baylor, writing as "The Potable Curmudgeon" on the Louisville Beer blog. In a post noting the anniversary and the changes made since the brewery's opening in 2009, Baylor writes that "NABC's high command decided quite some time ago not to do anything special to mark this anniversary," but Baylor's post does reflect his feelings about passing the five year mark.

Baylor says one of "the hardest" decisions of the last five years was letting Chef Matt Weirich go. The "second most difficult decision" was to take the pork chop entrée off the menu. While Baylor admits that over five years "enough management mistakes have been made to preclude restful sleep for the rest of my life, if I were to opt for self-flagellation," he ends by noting "we're still alive and kicking, if evolving into a slightly different sort of food and drink beast than before. The landscape in downtown New Albany is different, and a career in opportunism now beckons."
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