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Squeeze, Piggy!

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EdLee150.jpgChef Edward Lee is "going farmyard Jane Goodall" in an attempt to be the first chef to serve pig's milk cheese in a restaurant. The 610 Magnolia/Milkwood owner describes "smearing shit" on his Carhartt jacket as he hung out with a sow, trying to relax her enough to get some milk. Lee describes the taste of pig milk as "very viscous, warm, tart," and says in order to get enough milk for cheese he's going to have to "spend a week in the barn, and sleep in there with the pigs." [Modern Farmer]


316 W Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202 502-584-6455 Visit Website

610 Magnolia

610 West Magnolia Avenue, , KY 40208 (502) 636-0783 Visit Website