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Pizza Week Ends; Comment Winner Declared

Congratulations, Daniel Briscoe! Your opinion on "worst pizza" wins the Louisville Eater Pizza Week "Best Comment" prize. Due to a regrettable lack of clearance with our legal team, your reward consists only of our sincere admiration and the possibility of buying you a slice should we run into you. Sharing some thoughts on what might be Louisville's worst pizza, Mr. Briscoe wrote:

I'm not sure its the worst, but the biggest difference in quality is Spinellis at 4am after the bars and Spinellis the next morning.
Our runner-up, who earns almost as much admiration as Mr. Briscoe (and again, per legal, absolutely nothing else) is one "Kenny Bloggins," who Eater imagines pumping a fist and singing "Danger Zone" as we single "him" out for this gem about what "Louisville-style" pizza might be:
Handtossed crust pizza with your choice of toppings cured in a flavored hookah smoke
Eater thanks and appreciates everyone who contributed to Pizza Week, and we hope everyone (including the Schnatter haters) enjoyed our coverage of area pies. We'll continue to have conversations and bring you news about Allen Rosenberg of Papalinos, Mark Peters of Coals Artisan Pizza, Tony Palombino of Boombozz Pizzeria & Taphouse and other pizza places around town, but in the meantime our frenzy will shift to other topics—basketball, perhaps.