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Garr Turns To Buddha After Bad Lunch At Saigon Café

Robin Garr ate dinner at Saigon Café "about a year ago," and recently bestirred himself to give the restaurant another visit. His lunch did not go as well as his Spring 2013 dinner. A "pattern of slip-ups" including a tofu-less tofu dish makes Garr want to "meditate a little" (perhaps another year?) before bestowing his "most enthusiastic praise." Lunch begins with some "okay" summer rolls, then quickly go downhill with some salt and pepper calamari.

[T]he squid was tough and its thick, bready batter seemed closer to Long John Silver's except for its odd bright-yellow color.
Garr is also creeped out by the "funky aroma" of a brown sauce, as well as some crusty bottles of Sriracha "which apparently live on the tables." And while "all the veggies" in his Buddha's Daydream were "properly stir-fried," the dish came without its promised tofu, which Garr "missed," possibly while meditating. In the end he bestows a mere 77 magic Robin Garr points on Saigon Café. [Voice Tribune]
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Saigon Cafe

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