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Great Flood Drained, Ready For Another Weekend

"We have been open technically a week, but we actually got through only two days before everyone drank our beer" corrected Zach Barnes of Great Flood Brewing when Eater asked how the Bardstown Road brewery's "first week" had gone. Barnes said that running out of brew after just two of the planned four-day open was "a fantastic reaction," adding: "We were thrilled with the feedback we got. There wasn't a favorite, it all went fast." The bring-it-or-order-in food service also seemed to go "pretty well," said Barnes, crediting Cafe Lou Lou for "a great job getting the food over here in a very timely manner."

Barnes assured Eater that Great Flood had four of their beers plus four other locals on tap (honoring "Halfway to Craft Beer Week") and were "going to do everything we can to keep up with demand" Thursday, Friday and Saturday (Great Flood will be closed for Easter Sunday). Barnes confirmed that he and with partners Matt Fuller and Vince Cain were "still exhausted," but noted "It's going to calm down eventually, we know it. But we're going to try and take advantage of it while we still can."
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Great Flood Brewing Company

2120 Bardstown Road Louisville, Kentucky 40205