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Garr Gets His Stereotypical Irish Up At Irish Rover

Robin Garr's "first and only" Irish visit saw him "stopping at every pub … to enjoy a pint of Guinness" and searching for "traditional Irish music, possibly ending when he finds "a crew with a harp singing 'Danny Boy' in a tiny pub … jammed with American tourists, of course." Guinness-slurping Robin Garr, we are led to believe, is anything but a tourist, as he world-wearily clues LEO readers to the surprising fact that twenty-first century Irish folk enjoy performers "like, um Eminem, R.E.M. and Snoop Dogg." Lest his readers fear the world lacks leprechaun-leaning lace-lovers, however, Garr assures us that The Irish Rover's Michael Reidy "retains every bit of his Irish brogue and enjoys an obvious acquaintance with the Blarney Stone," as well as an ability to provide "a serious education in Irish whiskey."

Moving on from his Irish edification, Garr goes through the Rover's menu, which "hasn't changed much over the past 20 years." The listing does let him drop one more tired bit of British Empire lore, however:

Many of the dishes are traditional Irish, starting with a basket of complimentary soda bread and continuing with options like the Dublin smokies seafood plate or Shanagarry fish cakes, plus tastes of Scotland and England, not to mention an occasional international surprise. (Jamaican pork sandwich or Cordon Bleu fritters, anyone?) This international element isn't as surprising as you might think; I had one of my best Indian meals ever in Dublin.
Garr mentions he has "many favorites," including Scotch Eggs, Salmon Potato Puffs, Bangers & Mash and Fish & Chips. On "a recent evening out," Garr dove back to his quest for true Irish and
grabbed pints of dark, creamy Guinness and started with the amusingly monikered bubble & squeak … two thick rounds of mashed potatoes studded with minced onion, carrots and other veggies, then griddle-fried until the creamy interior is steaming within a crisp golden-brown shell.
He does not say whether or not a harp was playing in the background.
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