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Insiders On Some Awful Derby Hats

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As Derby Week approached Eater sought the opinions of several area dining and entertainment professionals, asking a number of questions about the upcoming festivities. Here Laurence Agnew, Joe Banet, Anthony Lamas, Edward Lee, Jeremy Johnson, Fernando Martinez and Mark Peters tell stories about awful Derby hats.

Q: What was the worst hat you've ever witnessed?

Laurence Agnew, Executive Chef at Crushed Ice Events: I've seen one decked out with big pink flamingos. It was a little much.

Joe Banet, Executive Chef at Rye: Any hat that is in the shape or form of a horse.

Jeremy Johnson, Meta: That one from the royal wedding.

Anthony Lamas, Seviche: Gosh there are so many to choose from. ​I remember one lady had a merry-go-round with little horses on her head. It was actually spinning and it might of even had a little tune playing.

Edward Lee, 610 Magnolia/Milkwood: Baseball Cap. That just ain't right for Derby.

Mark Peters, Coals Artisan Pizza: Not qualified to judge the hats. More interested in what's underneath 'em.

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