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Name Game

EdLee150.jpg"I don't care what people call me—as long as it's not asshole," writes Edward Lee on Equire's "The Spill," commenting on a Robert Sietsma column protesting having to address "cooks" with the honorific "chef." The 610 Magnolia/Milkwood proprietor says he's "no purist who bemoans the days when being a 'chef' really meant something," and while he "apprenticed in kitchens during a time when the word was reserved for the utmost reverence and authority" he relates a tale of an overworked and under-appreciated person in the kitchen of a Chicago airport eatery, to whom Lee gave "a quick but earnest, 'Thanks, Chef' for delivering food that made him "feel good when all I wanted to do was be pissed off." []

610 Magnolia

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