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Insiders On Their Least favorite Derby Food

As Derby Week approached Eater sought the opinions of several area dining and entertainment professionals, asking a number of questions about the upcoming festivities. Here Laurence Agnew, Joe Banet, Anthony Lamas, Edward Lee, Jeremy Johnson, Fernando Martinez and Mark Peters answer the question about what "Derby" food is their least favorite.

Q: What is your least favorite Derby food?

Laurence Agnew, Executive Chef at Crushed Ice Events: Mint juleps.

Joe Banet, Executive Chef at Rye: Hot Browns and mint juleps.

Jeremy Johnson, Meta: It used to be the Hot Brown...I never got it, until I had the right one, in fact, it was a hot brown casserole and it was amazing.

Anthony Lamas, Seviche: Derby Pie​. I'm not big on sweets and I just don't get it.

Edward Lee, 610 Magnolia/Milkwood: Mint julep. I guess it's not a food but it's the only thing about Derby I'm not crazy about.

Mark Peters, Coals Artisan Pizza: Not sure… Hot dogs?

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