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Insiders Reveal Their Favorite Derby Moments

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As Derby Week approached Eater sought the opinions of several area dining and entertainment professionals, asking a number of questions about the upcoming festivities. Here Laurence Agnew, Joe Banet, Anthony Lamas, Edward Lee, Jeremy Johnson, Fernando Martinez and Mark Peters describe their favorite Derby moment, food or otherwise.

Q: What has been your favorite Derby moment, food or otherwise?

Laurence Agnew, Executive Chef at Crushed Ice Events: Derby 136. It was my first experience ever at Churchill Downs. It was a lot of work, but also very rewarding and a lot of fun running out from the kitchen to see the Run for the Roses.

Joe Banet, Executive Chef at Rye: Winning my family Derby pool in 1989. Sunday Silence was the winning horse.

Jeremy Johnson, Meta: Working late into Derby, ending up at the Barret Bar until sun-up, then drinking bourbon while drunkenly talking to my dad, watching the sunrise in my backyard. It was one of those years where everything worked out.

Anthony Lamas, Seviche: As a chef, the best part of the whole weekend is having a full restaurant and feeling that energy. Derby week is really our time to shine and it's always exciting. ​Last year people were having such a good time that when a Michael Jackson song came on everyone stood up and started dancing. Literally the whole crowd stopped what they were doing and took a dance break. Someone caught it on video and posted it on Facebook. It was great to see that on Monday morning, when you're feeling beat up from the long weekend, to watch that and see everyone having such a good time.

Edward Lee, 610 Magnolia/Milkwood: Did a news story at the backside of Churchill Downs at 5 in the morning a few years back. Watching the horses waking up and seeing the sun rise over the stables was something I'll never forget.

Fernando Martinez, Guaca Mole/El Taco Luchador/The Place Downstairs/Mussel & Burger Bar: I love all the food related to Derby.

Mark Peters, Coals Artisan Pizza: Diane Sawyer dining at Coals.

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