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How To Avoid Annoying Area Bartenders

It's a nice move to impress a date by ordering an intricate cocktail, but it may backfire if it's something bartenders really hate to make. After a post-"Here and Now" conversation with WFPL producer/host Jonathan Bastian (Tuesdays at 1:35 p.m.), Eater became interested in this question: What drink is the most annoying to bartenders? We asked several area bartenders and restaurateurs including Doug Petry of Rye/Atlantic No. 5, Ryan Rogers of Feast BBQ, Jeremy Johnson of Meta and more about irritating drink requests. Their annoyance-inspired answers can be found after the jump.

Ryan Rogers, Feast BBQ: Annoying drink[s] … are the ones where we don't have the ingredients and yet somehow people expect us to be able to magically pull out a blended Bahama Mama. It's the service industry, so we try to accommodate people as much as possible, but it's impossible for us to carry everything and be able to stand behind the drinks we put out. I'm pretty sure we've had the same bottle of rum for a year now.

Doug Petry, Rye/Atlantic No. 5: Anything with an egg white commands an entire shaker and takes an additional amount of time to make, so a service well ticket full of those can be a little annoying. That being said, a Ramos Gin Fizz is one of my favorite cocktails.

Stacie Stewart, Milkwood: For some reason, every time someone orders a Lemon Drop, my teeth clench and my skin crawls. It's not hard to make, I just hate doing it. Especially when someone wants a "real" Lemondrop - you know, the one that has a sugar rim and is the color of nuclear waste. It breaks my heart.

Jacquelyn Zykan, Doc Crow's/La Coop: Bistro a Vins: Anything requiring a blender (frozen margaritas, frozen daiquiris, etc.).

Alvin Lin, The Joy Luck: One: Having an uneducated individual tell the bartender how to make a drink. Most mixologists know what they're doing, and having someone incessantly tell them the process gets annoying. Two: Anything frozen, because of blenders. Blenders take away from the atmosphere due to noise, they are awkward to clean, and slow down service. Three: Making a Ramos Gin Fizz. You have to shake the ice until it is completely melted. Ten minutes of bartenders taking turns shaking, slowing down the production of all other drinks.

Jeremy Johnson, Meta: Honestly, nothing is more annoying than "bartenders choice!" It's almost always when you're too busy to think, and with so little direction you are so much more likely to make a drink the guest is unhappy with. I will also admit to being annoyed when people ask for Vodka Red Bulls. Sure- it's obvious, craft bartender hates Red Bull, but that shit is not only gross, it's irresponsible. It's like ordering a cocaine and Valium. Bad idea.

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