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Hugh Acheson Likes Edward Lee, Anthony Lamas, Decca; Resents Anthony Davis

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Restaurateur/author/chef Hugh Acheson was in town last week for a "Mint Mutiny," a rosewater-and-rum "twist" on mint juleps he developed in collaboration with Captain Morgan (the rum, not the pirate). After chatting a bit about the beverage, Eater asked Acheson, who was in town for his first Oaks, about the races, local restaurants and similarities between himself and a recent Kentucky basketball legend.

Eater: Where have you eaten since you came to town?
Hugh Acheson: We went to 610 Magnolia last night, and Ed [owner Edward Lee] was there. The food was great, it was a lot of fun. I've known Ed for years. We had a really good meal.

What other restaurants are you thinking about?
HA: I'm really excited about Decca, because I really like to see different people coming back to the area after they've spent some time in places like San Francisco.

Any others?
HA: I like Anthony Lamas [of Seviche] a lot. I saw Anthony last night, he's doing a great job.

Overall, what do you think about Louisville's restaurant scene?
HA: It's kind of cool to see the growing restaurant culture in Louisville. Louisville is such a beautiful town—the houses the architecture, it's just a great place to be. I'm a big fan of moderately-sized Southern cities.

You're staging a "Mint Mutiny." Do you have something against bourbon, or just juleps?
HA: I do not have anything against bourbon, except that it may be too good for me. But bourbon's not an afternoon quencher for me. So I wanted to take the idea of a julep and mix it up. [The Mint Mutiny] has a beautiful rose simple syrup in it—it's really light and refreshing.

How do you make rose simple syrup?
HA: Sugar, water and rosewater.

You're known for your unibrow, and so is Anthony Davis. Any other similarities between you two?
HA: Anthony Davis copyrighted the term "the brow," which I take offense to, because I should have copyrighted that. He was just smarter than me about that. I think Anthony is an awesome basketball player. And like him, people are always saying to me "that's quite a unibrow you have," and I say "be who you are, that's who I am. It's just a half an inch of hair. Don't worry about it."
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