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Zäd Modern Mediterranean Now Open

"Thank you for calling Zäd Mediterranean. We will be open May 7 at 11 a.m. Thank you," says a female recorded voice that is definitely not Nabil Al-Saba, the new owner of what was formerly Pita Delites. When Eater initially talked to Al-Saba, he indicated that he hoped to open "the first week in March" with some "new salads, some Mediterranean and Moroccan stews," but Eater assumes Al-Saba was slowed by Louisville's harsh winter as much as anyone. Zäd's website has an entire page devoted to "Curbside Delivery," which promises dishes such as a Falafel sandwich with chia seeds or Pomegranate/Mint Lemonade can be enjoyed "without ever leaving the comfort of your car!"
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Zäd Modern Mediterranean

1616 Grinstead Drive Louisville, Kentucky 40204