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Eggs Over Frankfort Underway, Eater Has Menu

"Everybody's doing 'precious' breakfasts, but we're just doing very traditional breakfasts," says Cortney Nave, eying the "Open Monday June 16" written on the glass door of her restaurant at 2712 Frankfort Avenue. Eggs Over Frankfort indeed offers a fairly standard breakfast and lunch menu, though Cortney Nave emphasizes that, while simple, their food will not be dull. "We have homemade jams, homemade apple butter that we're making here." Eggs Over Frankfort will the first restaurant for Cortney and husband Jackson Nave, who met when both were working at Mellow Mushroom—she as a bartender, he as General Manager. Jackson Nave opened several Old Spaghetti Factories in the Los Angeles area before doing the same for Louisville's first Mellow Mushroom, but told Eater opening a restaurant is easier "when you have the corporate thing—they tell you what to do." He says he did build a solid supplier network while at Mellow Mushroom and that "it's been kinda fun" getting Eggs over Frankfort ready for business despite what Cortney describes as "a long winter." Eater obtained photographs of the newly opened restaurant's menu, and provides them for egg enthusiasts after the jump.



Mellow Mushroom

3920 Shelbyville Road, Louisville, KY 40207 502-409-6874

Eggs Over Frankfort

2712 Frankfort Avenue, Louisville 40206