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'Firm, Intact Buns' Part of Dairy Kastle 'Textural Preference'

Todd Zeigler stopped by Dairy Kastle, and declares to Voice-Tribune readers that "standing in line" at the walk-up, summer-only spot is a "rite of passage" akin to tasting "Chicago deep dish or an authentic Nathan's hot dog." Along with concrete, sun and the sounds of passing traffic, Zeigler also seems to enjoy Dairy Kastle's food. His "Taco in a Bag" becomes "a spark of inspiration," the Southern country store staple of sour cream, beans, chili, nacho cheese and jalapenos dumped into a bag of Fritos corn chips an invitation to

[d]rop all health consciousness at the door. … It's hard to resist throwing caution to the wind, ripping open the bag and licking it clean.
Zeigler also orders a "bevy" of chili dogs, including a vegan option he finds offers "a pleasing facsimile … as well as a pleasing, bloat-free conclusion." Along with bloat-free sausages, Zeigler notes:
The Kastle offers plentiful never-fail sauces and a healthy assortment of veggie toppings such as onions and jalapenos. Choose from solid or nacho cheese depending on your textural preference. The buns stayed firm and intact no matter what we piled inside.
Zeigler also finds Dairy Kastle's pulled pork barbecue "ballpark-level delicious" and enjoys nuts "injected liberally throughout" his banana split.
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Dairy Kastle

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