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Why is KFC Keeping Crispy Cheese Chicken Away From US?

Image: Facebook

While KFC has been trying out its experimental KFC eleven in Louisville, something called "KFC Co + Creations" out of KFC Philippines has produced "Crispy Cheese Chicken" with a crust made from crushed cheese-flavored Clover chips. Producer Leslie Corporation says Clover Chips are a "unique snack made from a magic blend of whole corn grain refined tapioca flour" and are also "one of the Philippines' favorite snacks." The Philippines KFC's Facebook page hails Crispy Cheese Chicken as "another first from KFC." While a bit hard to follow for those unable to read Filipino, Facebook reactions seem to be mixed between happiness and horror at "junk food on junk food." Nonetheless Crispy Cheese Chicken is real, and Eater wonders when this concept will appear in the States, and what sort of Yum! Brands partner (Doritos, anybody?) might participate.
· KFC Philippines [Facebook]
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KFC eleven Bardstown Road

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