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Garr Goes For 'Real German,' Occasionally Wanders Into France

Robin Garr begins his LEO Weekly review of Gasthaus by bemoaning that while long-time Louisvillians are "likely to have more than a few Germans" occupying branches of their family tree, "only Gasthaus remains to carry the German flag." Dropping in to the Greipel family's kitschy restaurant Garr finds

bright, cozy red-checked fabric, German posters and photos, German knickknacks, tiny lights and even a semi-private table for six inside a white stone-look enclosure that resembles an Alpine chalet.
He finds his Jäger Schnitzel a "German delight," and also enjoys his complimentary basket of bread. But his real amazement is reserved for an off-menu item, potato pancakes.
[A] friend advised us to ask for them. They're $7 for a pair, and Ach, du Lieber, they are good. So good. Next time I may order a dozen and make them my meal. They come with sour cream and applesauce, but these babies are so good that I prefer them au naturel. Saucer-size rounds are formed from coarsely grated potatoes and onions, fried until the interiors are creamy and steamy, within a seductive cloak of dark-golden, shattering-crisp deep-fried deliciousness.
Garr also advises that those "seeking a "true German experience" should "insist on the Schwarzwälder Kirsch Torte, the original chocolate black forest cake with cherries and Kirschwasser cherry brandy."
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