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Neighbors Complain Lynn Winter Not 'Working Tirelessly' Enough to Sell Shuttered Cafe

Photo: Facebook/Lynn's Paradise Cafe

Lynn Winter told the Courier-Journal that while she is "sympathetic" to neighboring businesses' complaints about the loss of traffic, sporadic vandalism and "other safety issues" possibly related to the closing of her former "World of Swirl," the still-shuttered Lynn's Paradise Cafe, there has been no movement towards reopening the restaurant. Neighbors including John Freels of the Regalo gift shop next door have asked Louisville officials to try to help businesses in the area by pressuring Winters to sell the restaurant, which closed in January 2013. While the building remains chained off from the street, Winter said that she is trying to sell the business and is "working tirelessly to reopen Lynn's," though she refused to offer more details other than that the sale "has been delayed by health problems." Winter has made a condition of the sale that any new owner retain the Paradise Cafe "brand" and agree to carry on its quirky tradition, which may have faded after 18 months of non-operation despite Winter's assertion she's spent "more than $400,000" since closing to upgrade the restaurant, which is assessed at $638,000, according to Jefferson County property valuation records. Winter also "affirmed" to the CJ that her primary reason for closing Lynn's was "mainly an outbreak of shingles," while saying the tipping issue Eater broke right before Lynn's closed "was not a factor in the decision."
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