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WFPL Goes For Coffee, Finds Christianity

Photo: Michelle Turner

Despite "persistent rumors," independent coffee shops in Louisville are not actually all secret Baptists bent on converting customers. However, a report from Director of News and Editorial Strategy at WFPL Gabe Bullard finds an "undeniable undercurrent of Christianity that isn't the case nationally."

Bullard notes that Louisville's proximity to the Bible Belt means "the odds of finding a Baptist in a coffee shop are as good as the odds on a safe bet at the Derby," but also finds "there's something more influential about Christians in the coffee scene." He traces the development Louisville's coffee culture, beginning with John Conti and Heine Brothers. Bullard also explores the church-based ties between Sunergos and Quills and their owners Matthew Huested, Brian Miller and Nathan Quillo. He also looks at "hipster church" Sojourn and how its tattoo-and-concert approach to Christianity may be fueling some of the stealth proselytization rumors, though Bullard does write that he sees "the attraction to coffee isn't driven by scripture," but rather thinks "it's scripture that inspires the quality of the drinks."
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