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'Old Pipes' Temporarily Shutter Loop 22 Again

The January opening of Loop 22 was delayed by "frozen pipes," a somewhat common occurrence during that unpleasant Polar vortex period. Now, as Louisville "suffers" another polar blast in summer, owner Chase Mucerino confirmed to Eater that the plumbing has once again betrayed the Douglass Loop restaurant, forcing it to close for a few days. "Best case scenario we'll be open Friday or Saturday night, worst case scenario we'll be back open Tuesday of next week," Mucerino told Eater, adding: "We thought at first that it was probably gases coming up through a drain. But it turns out that some of those old pipes underneath the floor had deteriorated." The space, once home to the Corner Door and later, the Pink Door, was to Mucerino's best guess "built in the early 1900s," and the pipes have been an issue since Loop 22's open. "It's been just one thing after the next," said Mucerino, continuing: "There was just a bunch of stuff that we didn't discover until we opened." The plumbing repairs involve tearing up the floor in Loop 22's back room, but Mucerino promises the restaurant "will definitely be done with all the odors, and we'll be back up and running in no time."
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Loop 22

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