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After 12 Years, Troy Schuster Takes Off From 211 Clover Lane For Hurstbourne Country Club

After 12 years at 211 Clover Lane, Executive Chef Troy Schuster is heading for Hurstbourne Country Club. Schuster told Insider Louisville's Steve Coomes that his experience at 211 "was great, a lot of fun ... but I'd hit the ceiling in terms of what I could do there, and I didn't feel like I was learning very much at that point." Schuster also admitted to Coomes that becoming a country club chef might also be a bit easer, saying: "At Clover Lane, I'm a working chef. And since I'm pushing 40, I don't want to be on the line every night until 10:30 sweating it out with the guys. I know it's time for me to move in the direction of an executive role." Schuster added: "I'm divorced once and have had several relationships not turn out well. That kind of life is not good for family life. I've got the chance to change that now." Schuster told Coomes he's enjoyed his 12 years at 211, but doesn't feel the need for a going-away celebration, saying: "I'd rather just go home quietly after my last shift ... I'm not the kind of guy that likes a lot of attention."
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