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Shoyu 'Special Mix of Asian Fusion' Opens Officially, Introduces 'Kimcheese' August 29

Sang Lee, owner of Mr. Lee's Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi, is readying Shoyu, described on their Facebook page as "a special mix of Asian Fusion including Japanese, Korean, and Mexican Flavors." Lee has over three decades of experience, working for hibachi houses such as Samurai and Benihana before opening his own place serving hibachi plus sushi and Korean dishes. According to server/front-of-house person Alex Scoggins, Lee and son Michael Lee collaborated on the non-hibachi menu, which combines familiar Asian items such as ramen and tonkatsu with novel dishes like "Shoyu ribs" (fried baby back ribs with honey-plum marinade), fajitas with kimchi alongside pico de gallo, and "Mr. Lee's Kimcheese," which Scoggins described as "baked mac and cheese with kimchi mixed in." While Scoggins said Shoyu has been open for "a couple of days" already, the official Grand Opening is set for August 29.
· Shoyu [Facebook]
· Mr. Lee's Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi [Official Site]


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