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The Ville Taqueria Is Open In St. Matthews, Eater Has Menu

A phone call to The Ville Taqueria, the new St. Matthews Mexican place from Fabian Garcia confirmed the restaurant opened today, but the "Grand Opening" will be held next week. Garcia, who told Eater recently his restaurant experience started when he "was 12 years old" at his parents' El Caporal restaurants, says The Ville "will be different" than many area Mexican places, especially in St. Matthews, with "everything in house, scratch-made tortillas." Garcia said many recipes are "from back home, that my grandparents used," but insisted he was "putting a little twist on them" by adding things such as bourbon. Eater obtained copies of The Ville's not-yet-Grand opening menu, and has them after the jump.

VilleTaqMen1FB.jpg[Image: Facebook]

VilleTaqumen2FB.jpg[Image: Facebook]

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The Ville Taqueria

3922 Westport Rd Louisville, KY 40207