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Edward Lee's Mind 'Fascinated' By Smoke, Fire, Research

As part of the run-up to Season Three of the PBS series "Mind of a Chef," 610 Magnolia/Milkwood owner/chef Edward Lee gave an interview to MapQuest about his mind, or at least the part that thinks about travel. Lee told Mapquest that one of his fascinations is "cooking with smoke and cooking with fire," a somewhat unsurprising revelation from someone with a cookbook called "Smoke & PIckles." Lee also provided a bit of insight into the difference between shows such as "Top Chef" and his current project, telling MapQuest that unlike "Top Chef," PBS shows are "much more thoughtful and investigative. There are no sound bites. You have the time to conjure things." On travel, Lee's advice for someone looking for a good restaurant when visiting a new place is quite simple: "You have to do more research."
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