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Darkstar Tavern Now Open in New Harrod's Creek Location as 'Darkstar on the Creek'

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Darkstar Tavern, a popular Crescent Hill hangout that shuttered in March 2013 after its building was purchased to become a new Bluegrass Brewing Company location, has reopened along Harrod's Creek in Prospect under the banner "Darkstar On The Creek." The family-owned bar, which was known since the 1990s in Crescent Hill for its drinks and jukebox, is currently holding a "PAR TEE" through August 10 offering food and drink specials as well as kayak rentals so that both former and new patrons can "experience the creek," along with "burgers, chicken, salads, seafood, pizza," and, of course, drinks and music.
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Darkstar Tavern

6313 River Road, Prospect, KY 40059