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How 'Kentucky Fried Chicken' Became KFC

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Image: News Tribune Attic

50 years ago, former Kentucky Gov. John Y. Brown Jr. and a group of investors paid $2 million to Harland Sanders for his secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices and the "Kentucky Fried Chicken" business he'd built around it. Brown and others recently reminisced to the Lexington Herald-Leader about how he and the Colonel met, and how Sanders' fried chicken business grew into the international presence now known as KFC. The article details the early days of the Colonel, who acted the polite Southern gentleman in public but "would raise hell" if early adopters of his pressure-fried chicken strayed from his recipes. It goes on to describe Brown's initial explorations with KFC franchising, Sanders' battle with early corporate purchaser Heublein, and Brown's affection for (and sometimes exasperation with) the man from Corbin who became a fast food icon.
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