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Edward Lee Admits Idea For His Own Whiskey Blend Came 'After a Few Drinks'

In an essay for NBC news, 610 Magnolia/Milkwood/several-other-restaurants-to-be-named later chef/entrepreneur Edward Lee writes:

The best ideas happen over a bottle of whiskey. It relaxes the mind, loosens the tongue and slows the banter just enough to listen at a scholar's pace.
Lee is talking about the "chef-inspired whiskey" he and Trey Zoeller of Jefferson's Reserve Bourbon recently brought to market. Lee says he thought the idea of a whiskey that could fit with "modern cuisine that embraced bolder flavors like smoke and fish sauce and bitter greens and the notion that sweet and savory are not separated by easy lines" was kind of crazy, but "after a few drinks, anything seems possible" and Zoeller convinced him to do it.

In the essay Lee also traces his journey from Brooklyn apartment building to Bourbon making, marveling at the global reach of Kentucky's gift to distilled spirits. He writes that it gives him "goosebumps to think how far and wide [Lee's] bourbon will travel."
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