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Tumbleweed Tumbling Off The Ohio River?

Tumbleweed is facing an eviction from its Waterfront Park site, as the Waterfront Development Corporation seeks $60,000 in back rent. Tumbleweed management released a statement saying "lease payment holdbacks" were part of a negotiating strategy for more favorable lease terms, and "all payments are current through August 2014." In the statement Tumbleweed president and CEO Matt Higgins said the company will continue lease negotiations, but "the current lease structure makes it impossible to operate that facility in a profitable manner." Waterfront Development Corp. CFO Cordell Lawrence disputed the "all payments are current" idea, saying Tumbleweed owes at least $30,000. Lawrence said companies typically are given a 10-day window to pay before the eviction process is started. Tumbleweed which has 24 remaining locations in Kentucky, Southern Indiana and Ohio, recently closed eight underperforming stores. Mike Kimmel, the waterfront agency's deputy director, noted that an estimated 500,000 people a year pass in or around the restaurant, located on River Road close to the popular Big Four pedestrian bridge, saying: "We can't figure it out. The parking lot is always full at lunchtime and for dinner."
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Tumbleweed Tex Mex Grill & Margarita Bar

1201 River Road, Louisville, KY 40206