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Junior Bridgeman Says 'Everybody is Into Sharing' Food These Days, Except Junior Bridgeman

Image: Blaze Fast Fire'd Pizza

Speaking to Business First for an upcoming feature, franchise magnate Ulysses "Junior" Bridgeman offered several thoughts on today's food trends. Bridgeman, owner of Manna Inc., possessor of the second largest number of US Wendy's franchises and recent investor in the oddly apostrophe'd Blaze Fast Fire'd Pizza, offered several "buzzwords" that people are looking for today. They include "fresh, unique, flavor and personalization," which he said were some of the appeals of Blaze. Bridgeman also told reporter Caitlin Bowling that "younger people" like "alternative dining styles, such as community tables," where "people don't mind sitting ... with people they don't know and eating." Except for Bridgeman, who told Bowling he does not share what he orders at restaurants. "If you want it," he said, "then you should have ordered some."
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Blaze Fast Fire'd Pizza

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