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After Waiting Eight Months, Garr Guiltily Goes For 'Fancified Chicano' Brunch at El Camino

There are many, many ways to aid the increased number of child migrants escaping the the violence plaguing their homes in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Robin Garr tells LEO Weekly readers one of them could be "dining Latino style" at places such as El Mariachi, Palermo Viejo and most recently El Camino. After third-person-ly wondering if readers may ask why "he's ricocheted from Argentine beef to taqueria offal to fancified Chicano fare in the surfer tradition," Garr seeks to tie his recent string of lunch and dinner visits to the ongoing problems in Central America:

I suppose I could claim that I'm dining Latino-style out of solidarity with the flood of kids from Central America who are piling up at our border. I could say I'm doing it to take a stand in a national debate that prompts some Americans to yell that Lady Liberty lifts her lamp beside the golden door only for immigrants who look like us.
And while it "could be true" that Garr's huevos rancheros were liberally seasoned with "solidarity," he admits that "to be honest" he went to El Camino because he hasn't been there since Jonathan Schwartz was replaced by Brian Enyart in December 2013 (though he says he's "been eager to get back"). Months later, Garr is "full up" from brunch and "prepared to say that El Camino is just as good as ever." Plus he "went with strong coffee this time," which possibly could have come from Central America (¡Solidaridad!).

Garr's single brunch (sans "adult beverages") has him saying Chef Enyart and his team do "a fine job," detailing the items he shared with his group:

Kale and black bean tacos may sound like a wacky combination, but it's super-foodish and healthy, and the flavors go together surprisingly well…. Huevos Rancheros put a Latino spin on a classic breakfast with a base of earthy black beans beneath a tender corn tortilla….Enchiladas Suizas offers another hearty, healthy meatless option. … A platter loaded with plantain pancakes with brown-sugary piloncillo sauce was large enough for the group to share, dusted with powdered sugar; and a plate of chilaquiles was piled high with scrambled eggs, guajillo peppers and spicy chorizo.
It remains to be seen whether it will take another Central American crisis to get Robin Garr back to El Camino within the next several months. But we can rest assured that, at least this week, his group "had no complaints."

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