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Coming Attractions

Baxter Station Becoming 'Neighborhood Bar and Restaurant' Again?

Anoosh Bistro Arriving in 'Another Month' According to Chef Shariat

Bobby Flay Possibly 'Drawn' To Opening a Restaurant in Louisville

Shoyu 'Special Mix of Asian Fusion' Opens Officially, Introduces 'Kimcheese' August 29

Anticipated Openings Fall 2014

The Ville Taqueria 'Hopefully Opening Within The Next Three Weeks' in St. Matthews

Big Four Burgers Birthing 'Charlie Noble's Eatery & Draught House' For Sellersburg Parrotheads

Shawn Ward Says 'Goodbye' Menu Planned For The Brewery Before Changeover to 'Ward 426'

The Place Downstairs Becomes Cena In August, Eater Has Preview Menu

The Post Pub Plans Pizza Plus Patriotism

Early Signs of Louvino Popping Up This Saturday at Bank Street Brewhouse

Microbrewery Neighbor For Future Feast BBQ #2?

Feast BBQ #2 In NuLu's Future

Great Flood Set To Open Floodgates, Begin Brewing 'This Week'

See The Menu For The Place Downstairs

The Joy Luck 'Not Formally Open,' Still Manages to Snag a 5-Star Yelp Review